This Product Changed My Mum’s Life

I would like to share my Mum’s story with you.

My Mum has lymphoma which is very aggressive and growing rapidly. She has been very sick for over 12 months and was getting weaker and sicker by the day. She wouldn’t leave the house unless she had to go to the doctor or hospital visit. Her cough was also really bad. She had pneumonia and a fungus in her lungs for over 12 months, and myself and my sisters used to cringe every time she coughed, it was so terrible to hear. She couldn’t walk very far without being out of breath and very, very weak.

Update On Mum’s Health

April 2015
I would like to share my Mum’s story with you.

My Mum has lymphoma which is very aggressive and growing rapidly. She has been very sick for over 12 months and was getting weaker and sicker by the day. She wouldn’t leave the house unless she had to go to the doctor or hospital visit. Her cough was also really bad. She had pneumonia and a fungus in her lungs for over 12 months, and myself and my sisters used to cringe every time she coughed, it was so terrible to hear. She couldn’t walk very far without being out of breath and very, very weak.

A few weeks ago, Mum told her sister, “If you could choose what day you are going to die, I would die today.” That shows how sick she was feeling. She repeatedly told everyone she has had enough of feeling sick and being so weak, and if she’s not going to get better, she just wishes she could go quickly.

A month ago, at a regular specialist appointment, she was so sick, the doctor told me to rush her straight into the Royal Brisbane Hospital, and she had already arranged for a bed, and admissions were waiting for us, so she could be rushed through there as well, and get taken straight to the cancer ward. Her kidneys were failing, too much calcium in her body, she had lost over 25 kg weight in 5 months, wouldn’t eat, still had the bad cough. Mum was so sick we didn’t think we would still have her in 3 to 4 weeks.

After many tests and scans in hospital, we were told – the cancer is growing rapidly and is very aggressive. The lymphoma is now in her breast, under her arm, in her groin, lungs, chest, stomach, throat and on her thyroid (the latter probably aggravating her cough). Following a pet scan the doctor told us that Mum has 3 to 4 weeks left and approximately 5 months if she has Chemo.

A client mentioned the product to me, and sent me emails with information and testimonials, which I didn’t have time to read or look at, as I was at the hospital most of the time. I forwarded it to my sisters and asked them what they thought. I did look at the email on a Saturday when doctors do ward rounds later in the day. I looked at the testimonials, and my sister phoned almost straight away and said Mum should give the product a try. Mum agreed to try it, so I ordered two bottles for Mum, as the lady who mentioned the product to me said because it is cancer and Mum is so sick she should take double the dose (4 tablets morning and 4 at night).

The tablets arrived on 14th March 2013, and Mum started them straight away. She was out of hospital and staying with me so I could look after her as she was so ill and weak. She had her first round of Chemotherapy on 13th March, and we were expecting her to feel weaker and get side effects from it. After taking 4 tablets in the morning and night every day, after a few days she had no cough at all, was eating like a horse, had heaps of energy – she has been out every day for at least a week (going shopping, going for a drive to the beach and having lunch on the beach with a friend, walking up the road, and went with my sister to Maryborough yesterday to see her sister for her Birthday – this is a 3.5 hour drive each way. She felt well enough, she returned home to her own house last Friday, and now living on her own again. We are all totally AMAZED!

Last Wednesday, Mum had to go back to see her specialist, so she could see how she handled the Chemo. As we walked through the door, the doctor said to Mum, “You’re not coughing at all.” Mum had put on 2 kg, and when the doctor felt under her arm she said she thinks the lump is smaller. The specialist was so happy with her progress, she said Mum doesn’t have go go back this Wednesday for another check up. Believe me when you are continually at the hospital, running around having tests, seeing doctors etc, not having to go one week is a BLESSING!

21st March, Mum had a flu needle after being talked into it by a friend. On 24th Marchshe started getting a sore throat. 26th March I phoned and reminded her to take her temperature. When on Chemotherapy if your temperature goes over 38, you have to go straight to hospital. She took her temperature while I was on the phone again, and it was 38.8, so I told her to get her bag ready that she has to go straight to hospital. At the hospital, they did an X-ray of her lungs, and the doctor asked if she has a problem with her heart or lungs. When told, that Mum doesn’t have heart problems, but has multiple nodules (lymphoma) on her lungs, she said, “Really, because the lungs are clear.”

This is just 11 days after being on product. We thought it funny, because Mum had forgotten to take the tablets from the doctor to the hospital with her, but had taken her Product. She obviously knew intuitively that these are helping her.

She was admitted to hospital, and feeling 100% 4 days later was released on 30th March (Easter Saturday). Doctors and nurses are amazed that she living at home on her own, and looking after herself.

Sunday, 31st March, Mum was bored, so drove her car to fill up with petrol while the prices were down. Returning home, she then drove herself and a friend to the beach and sat on the beach and had a pie for lunch. Mum has not been able to drive for many months.

Today, 3rd April – Mum is having her second lot of Chemo. The specialist said she is astounded at how well Mum is progressing, and her lungs are much clearer. We think the specialist can’t work out why Mum is getting better so quickly.

Since my last addition, Mum has been back to the lung specialist who signed her off as her lungs are clear. She is now only under her haematologist.

3rd May. Mum had her third round of Chemo and is great.

4th May. I saw Mum today and cannot get over how good she is. She is going out for Chinese dinner with her boyfriend tonight and really looking forward to it. She is eating heaps and has put on weight, and not tired at all. Back to her old self. This product is absolutely amazing. We honestly didn’t think she would still be here with us now. We thought she would be gone within a month of her first hospitalization.

8th May. Spoke to Mum today. She is still eating like a horse, not sick at all and wanting to go out.

Mum normally goes to her haematologist weekly, however she doesn’t have to go next Wednesday as she is so good.

13th May. Mum had a CT Scan done today. The results will be very interesting.

15th May. Mum went to see her hematologist this morning. The scan results are TOTALLY AMAZING! This product is just wonderful. The cancer in Mum’s chest, stomach, groin, breast and throat are at least 50% reduced. The big lumps in her chest and under her arm have gone down even more. We are all over the moon!

Mum had her fourth round of chemo today.

16th May. I visited Mum and she again has no side effects. Only a little bit of her hair has fallen out from the chemo overall, and she is very happy about that, also very chirpy, full of energy and regaining her weight at a rapid pace.

Mum said she feels bad, because a lady a few doors up the road from her is obviously having chemo, as she is very thin, and very little hair. Mum feels bad because she would like to approach her and tell her about the tablets she is on, but as she doesn’t know her isn’t sure if it’s appropriate or not.

4th June. Mum had a ct scan today to see how the cancer is going.

5th June. Mum had her fifth chemo today. As usual, she handled it very well with no side effects. When Mum walked into her Hematologist’s office, she said to Mum, “June, you’ve still got your hair”. This was a big thing with Mum. She didn’t want chemo because she didn’t want to lose her hair.

11th June. I went with Mum to see her Hematologist today and we got the ct scan results. The doctor is totally amazed. The scan results are excellent too. All cancer in Mum’s body has reduced by over 53%, and the big lumps in her chest and under her arm have reduced even more. The doctor said that’s what the results are saying, but she feels it has all reduced even more, as she cannot feel any of the lumps anymore. She said she thinks Mum will only need one more dose of the chemo on 26th and won’t need anymore. She has ordered another ct scan for 10th July and we get the results on16th July.

17th June. Mum and her boyfriend bought a caravan today, as she can’t wait to start getting away for a break and intends to start travelling as soon as she’s given the all clear.

18th June. Mum had her new kitchen put in today. She was supposed to leave the house because of the dust while they were doing it, but she thinks she’s invincible because she feels so good, and wouldn’t leave. She had an appt late afternoon and had to go out, so she walked around the shopping centre before her appt looking for new sheets etc for the van. She shouldn’t have done this due to the chemo. She then told us, that she had done some gardening a few days ago, which she also should not have done, but she doesn’t get sick or any side effects so thinks she will just do as she likes.

I received an email today letting me know that the product has now been approved and registered in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association). At present we have to order it through the US while it was being approved, but thankfully we will be able to order through Australia again in approximately 2 months.

22nd June. Talking to Mum today, and she’s telling me how she is cleaning out her shed and putting items in their new caravan. My sister and I repeatedly tell her she cannot do this because of the chemo. She told me in no uncertain terms that she is feeling great and will do as she likes.

25th June. Received an email today showing how this product helps people with heart problems. Totally amazing.

26th June. Yes! Today should be the last chemo. We are all certainly hoping so. We just cannot keep Mum from doing everything she’s not supposed to do. We are stressing and she’s not. I will admit that she hasn’t had any side effects by doing what she isn’t supposed to do and has done anyway.

We haven’t been able to tell Mum’s specialist about Product B yet, and she just keeps saying she’s totally amazed at how well Mum is doing and the fact she’s still got her hair and no side effects. Mum can’t wait to tell her. Now it’s been approved here by the TGA, we will definitely be telling her soon. Hopefully, she will be able to help other people as well.

16th July – Mum had another ct scan last week to see how the cancer is going. She had her last Chemo on 26th June. We saw her Hematologist today for the results. She said MUM HAS NO SIGN OF CANCER IN HER BODY! She still has the 2 lumps under her arm and the one in her chest. They were 4cm and now 1cm, but she can’t see cancer in them and wouldn’t worry about them. She said because Mum was so bad and had the cancer right through her body, they don’t normally do this, but she has ordered another PET SCAN to be done in 2 weeks time. Pet scans show up every bit of cancer right through your whole body. As she has been totally amazed at how good Mum has been the whole way through the chemo (put on weight and doesn’t stop eating, going to shopping centre’s when she’s not allowed to, her hair hasn’t fallen out when it should’ve, she hasn’t been nauseas at all – we believe that the hematologist can’t believe how good she is and the fact there’s no sign of cancer, so that’s why she’s having the pet scan done – to double check so she can believe it. My sister said straight away “In my opinion those tablets have cured Mum.” She is still going to give her two last rounds of some chemo starting with an R (not the chop chop chemo and this other one together she was having) – The reason is she has funding for the 8 chemo treatments so wants to just follow up to be safe. She is going to do another couple of the Intragram’s (white cells of the blood) transfusion, as Mum’s immune system is still down. She doesn’t have to give herself anymore needles in the stomach for the blood now either. Dr said Mum can go to shopping centre’s now and do her garden within reason.

26th July = Mum had her pet scan today.

31st July – I took Mum to her hematologist today for the results of the pet scan. Talk about blown away. There is DEFINITELY no sign of any cancer at all in Mum’s body. As mentioned above her doctor still wants her to have 2 more intragrams and very light chemo, purely because she has funding for them.

6th August – I asked Mum’s hematologist today about Mum’s kidneys, as they were failing when she was in hospital in March, and also blood tests since then have shown they haven’t been working 100%. Being worried about the cancer, I hadn’t thought to ask. Again, it was good news. The last few tests have shown that Mum’s kidneys are also working 100% .

20th August – Mum and her boyfriend have been getting their new caravan ready to go on holidays. Mum is also doing her gardening again, also having a great time visiting family and friends, and going to the shops and getting out (not that it stopped her before. She wasn’t supposed to being on chemo, but we couldn’t hold her down.)

24th September – Mum had her last chemo today. We are all over the moon. Her hematologist told her she can now do everything within reason, and will review her again on 26th November. We can all now go into the New Year with no stress and not having to continually run to doctors and hospitals, and MUM HAS A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE. She can now have her caravan holidays and enjoy her life again and do as she likes without us nagging her – lol.

Mum also had an appt at the Gynaecologist this afternoon. A couple of years ago she showed pre-cancerous cells when she has a pap smear. Doctors did a cone biopsy, and later said she still had some pre-cancerous cells. As a result of the cone biopsy, when doctors tried to do a pap smear on Mum, they cannot find her cervix. To be on the safe side, as they cannot tell if Mum still has pre-cancerous cells or not, the gynaecologist has decided to do a full hysterectomy. I continually told him Mum does not need it as the Product B has got rid of all the cancer. He said the only way they can be sure is to open her up, as there is no other way, and as they have to open her up, she is better off having the hysterectomy.

Unfortunately, we have to play safe than be sorry, and at least this way, we will know there won’t be a chance of cancer again. Mum says she doesn’t need it as well, but has agreed just to be safe.

3rd October – My sister, Mum and I went to sizzlers for lunch today to celebrate Mum being cancer free. I have never seen Mum eat so much – more than my sister and I put together and she is still gaining the weight she lost. She is just so good, feels and looks so good. Totally Amazing.

22nd October – Mum had a hysterectomy today. She is very groggy, and in a lot of pain, and constantly vomiting from the anaesetic. I feel so sorry for her.

25th October – Mum came home from hospital today. Very weak and sore as would be expected.

26th October – Mum started vomiting constantly again late last night, and today. She wouldn’t let me take her to the hospital, so I phoned an ambulance.

27th October – It turns out when Mum had the op, her bowel got kinked, and she may have to have another operation to remove the obstruction. She is so sick.

30th October – Mum is out of danger. Thank goodness. The obstruction has cleared and she doesn’t need the operation. She is still very weak though.

Doctors gave us the result of the hysterectomy, and there was NO SIGN OF CANCER OR PRE-CANCEROUS CELLS, so Mum has gone through all this for nothing. Looking at it positively, at least there won’t be any chance of any cancer there any more.

1st November – Mum came out of hospital today. Still weak, but much better than last week.

8th November – Mum went home to her place today. She says she feels well enough to start getting her own meals etc, but will take it easy.

13th November – Mum is still a little weak, gaining more strength daily, and handling doing her own meals. She still can’t do washing or lifting, cleaning etc, but that’s ok as my sister and I go and help her, and at least she’s more comfortable in her own home.

April 2015

Mum decided she had had enough of taking tablets and went off the Product B for three months. She turned 80 in February. Having an extremely stressful time with her partner she ended the relationship in January. He gave her so much stress calling her up abusing her, and on the other hand wanting to get back together.

She started getting pains in her stomach and went to the doctor. We were told after scans, tests etc that the cancer is back and growing rapidly. She has to see her Haematologist urgently. We had only been there on 27th January and Mum was still cancer free and on top of the world. The haematologist didn’t want to see her for 6 months.

As soon as we got the word from the GP that the cancer was back and growing rapidly, I contacted the lady who put me onto the Product B, and she said some people she knows in similar situations to Mum take 12 Product B a day. Mum immediately started taking 12 a day (4 x 3 times a day). She had quite a large lump on her bottom which the Haematologist thinks is from the lymphoma. She wants a biopsy done. This is being done on 14th April. In the meantime Mum said the lump is now quite small.

Mum is having days where she is really good and others where she has no energy and very down, tired and listless. One good sign though is that she had lost 2 kg and would hardly eat anything, and is now eating well again and holding her weight.

6th April – Mum received a phone call today to let her know her 97 year old brother has passed away. This news has upset her and now she is very down and listless. She isn’t well enough to travel down south for the funeral. She has a bad dose of flu.

Saw Mum’s haematologist Tuesday and she wants more scans done. Went back following Tuesday and she said these scans are now showing that Mum’s cancer is not as bad as last time. In fact there was a small lump under Mum’s arm last time she went into remission and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. Mum also has quite a big lump on her backside and has to have a biopsy done on it.

We see the haematologist again on 21st April. Mum booked a cruise a couple of months ago and supposed to go at the end of July. We find out then if she will be able to go on her cruise and what treatment she will need and when it will commence.

22nd April – We saw Mum’s haematologist again today. Thank goodness the cancer isn’t as bad as last time. She is going to start Mum on a weekly intravenous fluid (starting in 2 weeks) that builds the immune system up and also help get rid of the cancer. This time instead of the intravenous chemo, Mum will also be on Chemo tablets. Mums haematologist said she should be well enough to go on the cruise. This is a real Blessing. At 80 years of age it will probably be the last big trip like this Mum will be able to go on.

The lump on Mum’s backside is also lymphoma, but Mum swears it’s getting smaller. Time will tell. She is taking 12 Product B a day and swears she’ll never go off it again.

6th June – Mum has only had two chemo treatments and her haematologist had another scan done. Great news after only two months, Mum is again cancer free and in remission. Thank Goodness. Haematologist cannot get over it, but we aren’t game to tell her about the Product B, as she doesn’t believe in natural treatments


A client I am in regular contact with, purchased the product and it arrived on 25th March. The lady was in a wheel chair and cannot walk without using a wheelie walker, has depression, and anxiety. She called me two days ago and said she is standing on her own and walking on her own around the walls – like a spider, and feels great and isn’t anxious at all.

She phoned me last night crying and said she felt so wonderful she tried walking totally on her own, and fell. I told her she is trying to push herself too fast. She needs to give it longer before she tries to walk on her own again. She said she feels so good, she really feels she can do it. I told her ?you cannot expect to go from not being able to walk to walking in a week and a half?. It is miraculous that she can even walk around the walls on her own!

This client has become a friend, and still has no depression or anxiety, and is really great. Still walking around the walls, and has now started her own little business, and stands at the sink to prepare the soap she is making. She is coming on in leaps and bounds!

18th June. My client is now walking around on her own. She has started her own soap making business which has taken right off and she is very happy and over the moon. She keeps her wheelie walker close in case she needs it, but she is now walking around her kitchen and also making HEAPS of various lovely soaps.

16th July.

My client is now WALKING around her house, built up a thriving soap business she can’t keep up with, and has also WALKED down her steps to put her wheelie bin out. She feeling so good she is getting her house ready to sell and move up to the Sunshine Coast, into a slab home, so she can get out and about and have a life again. She swears by the Product and as well as walking now, she doesn’t have any depression or anxiety.

4th August

My client phoned me ecstatic that she not only walked down the steps to put her wheelie bin out. She walked down the steps and took it right out to the footpath.


Names have been changed for privacy reasons

James, his wife, and his sister (Karen) are clients of mine. James lives in Sydney, so until last Tuesday, I have only read for him by phone.

I did a phone reading for him a few weeks ago, and told him his mother is going to be very, very sick and recommended Product B to him for himself and his Mum. He purchased some for himself and his Mum retail as he wanted to see how they went on them first. His Mum lives in Fiji, so he posted hers which she only received four days prior to coming to Australia last week.

5th November– I received a call from James last Tuesday worried sick and wanting to see me urgently. His Mum had arrived the night before (Monday 4th), and was extremely sick and had vomited all the way out here on the plane.

She (their Mum) arrived out here last Monday night and was going to stay with Karen. The night she arrived she was very sick and was also very sick and vomiting and had pain all the way out here, on the plane, so Karen phoned James and he said he would pay for it and to take her to the hospital. She doesn’t have travel insurance. It turns out their Mum has a tumour in her stomach which cannot be operated on, and had 2 days left to
live. James flew up here & phoned me straight away, and came to see me after seeing his Mum same day -Tuesday. They had the Product B with them.?
James is also taking it – I can’t remember what for but it is helping him he said.

I told him to get 4 tablets morning and night into his Mum. As she couldn’t swallow, he was breaking the capsules and giving them to her in water and going up morning and night to make sure she has them. He showed them to the doctors and they said it is ok for her to have them.

13th November – I phoned Karen this morning and she told me James is promoting Product B to everyone, as they believe it has saved their Mum’s life. Their Mum was so weak when she was in hospital, on a drip, couldn’t eat or swallow, her bowels wouldn’t work and she was in Renal failure with her kidneys. Now just over a week later, the doctors said they were so amazed how well she is doing. They allowed her to be discharged from hospital and fly to Sydney with James. Her bowels are working, and so are her kidneys, and she has a lot more strength.


September 2014

Another client came to me very upset as his mother has tumours in her stomach and the family have been told she won’t last till Christmas. She is unable to have any treatment at all. I suggested Product B (4 tablets morning & 4 at night). His Mum wanted to come and see me for a reading. We clicked immediately and she told me that the tumours have shrunk slightly and her doctors have told her, “Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it.” Her doctor is totally amazed at how well and fit she is. She came to see me again before Christmas, and is still fit, healthy and going strong. Her son couldn’t believe it. His mum used to get around on a walker to go everywhere. The first time she came, she bolted in with her walker. The second time she left it in the car and bolted in on her own.


My client who mentioned the product to me had Macular Degeneration for four years, and after taking the product for a short time, no trace of MD is evident.

I believe that things happen for a reason. My client (who mentioned the product to me) contacted me when my Mum was in hospital the first time, requesting a reading. I said I was at the hospital every day with Mum and unable to do readings for a while. She asked what the problem was with Mum, and when I told her, she mentioned the product and emailed me the information. I was very sceptical and forwarded it to my sister and asked her to look at it and tell me what she thinks. A few days later, I finally got to look at it, and when I saw the videos of people it has helped, decided to try to talk Mum into trying it. My sister phoned a few minutes later saying she had looked at it also, and Mum should try it. Mum (like me) was very sceptical, but said she will try anything, as she was so very sick.

Had I been able to do the reading for my client, she may not have mentioned the product to me, and my sister and I honestly believe we wouldn’t have Mum here with us now. My client wouldn’t be walking around the walls. As I said, I believe there’s a reason for everything. The product is AMAZING! I am now taking the product to help with my sleep apnoea and emphysema. I rarely have fits of constant coughing and do not use the CPAP machine, and have more energy.

If you know anyone you feel maybe interested in this natural product, please pass this email on. I have included all the links that was sent to me below. The same company also have a weight loss program. I suggest that you stay on it for at least 3 months and look back and see how much better you are feeling.

As Product B was upgraded to an even better formula, the name has now changed to ISAGENESIS.

This is the link to find out more about the product or purchase yourself. When you arrive at the Home Page, click on HEALTHY AGEING, then scroll down to ISAGENESIS. If purchasing, if you click on the ‘BUY NOW’, you can buy at retail prices.

If you click on “SIGN UP AND SAVE”, you can save money and buy at wholesale price and have your order shipped every month so you don’t run out.

This is the direct link to purchase Isagenesis:-

You can sell these products as a business and make money, however I am not doing it as a business. I buy for Mum, myself and my ex husband who is now also taking Product B (which has improved his kidney function, diabetes, circulation and he has heaps more energy). I mention it to people who I think could benefit from taking this AMAZING PRODUCT.

Product B (now Isagenesis), has now been approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) here in Australia, and is now available in Australia and again we pay in Australian $.

In Love & Light