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Lovely amber look necklace pendulum on sterling silver chain..

Looks and feels like genuine amber, but is actually resin.

Chain Length: 47 cm

Also available as a pendulum. Please see my other listings.

Pendulum Code: P034


I suggest you ask your Pendulum which way it will swing for YES, NO DEFINITELY YES, DEFINITELY NO AND MAYBE before you use it. As some pendulums swing differently for different people. Do this at least the first few times you use it.

Ask a question that requires a YES OR NO answer.

This is how my Pendulum (and most people’s) swing:-

If the pendulum swings straight up and down your answer is – YES.

If the pendulum swings in a circle clockwise – your answer is DEFINITELY YES

If the pendulum swings sideways – your answer is NO

If the pendulum swings anti clockwise Рyour answer is DEFINITELY NOT