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This is a very unusual necklace.

The large chunky brown, white, and blue-black beads have been handmade over wooden beads making it very unusual.

The large beads have a amber colour triangle and brown wood bead in between.

They are joined with brown beads which are twisted (like a rope) which go around your neck. No clasp as it will go over most people’s head.

I find it very hard to describe the necklace because it is so unusual, but is gorgeous.

I do have quite a few other colours available for sale.. Please check this site to see the other colours I have already listed.

They are a bargain at this price, as the 7 handmade beads alone are worth more than I am charging for the necklace.

Would make a lovely gift, and would lovely with any outfit you are wearing.

No more available when sold out.