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These crosses are gorgeous.
Cross Measures:- Approx 5 cm x 2.5 cm
Chain Length:- Approx 62 cm.
As the links of the chain are larger than normal, you are able to adjust the chain to your required length
They come on a Alpacan Silver Chain. Alpacan silver does not rust or tarnish.
Styles may vary slightly from those shown.

These Ankh’s are handmade by a young girl in Egypt. This has been the family’s main source of income. As her brother died and she now has to help her mother, she is unable to make anymore.

When I have sold what I have in stock, I am unable to get anymore.

Suitable for Males and Females.

The Egyptian Ankh represents the Tree Of Life and Eternal Life.

Ankh – Meaning of the Egyptian Cross Symbol
Ankh, also called the Egyptian cross was a symbol of life itself.
The Ankh represented eternal life.
It signified wisdom and insight on the highest level and it was also a fertility symbol.The ankh was widely used as an amulet in Ancient Egypt.

Spiritual Meaning
From the spiritual point of view the ankh represented the key to all hidden knowledge. The loop symbolized the eternal soul as it has no beginning or end.