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Take a wonderful relaxing journey and meet your very own Spirit Guide. Change your life for the better by receiving your own guidance from your very own Spirit Guide. Enjoy an exciting journey and explore your Past Lives with Wanda by your side guiding you to previous lives, to enhance your life in every way.


I was going overseas and had a very strong feeling to take this cd with me. I told a friend who suggested I use the cd the same way he does.

I did WOW – MIRACULOUS is the only way I can describe it.

I put it on every night when I go to bed and press the REPEAT button (so it is continually playing over and over). Have it soft enough it is going into your subsconsious and not keeping you awake.

I had a recurring dream about my car being smashed and smashed by baseball bats by many people. One I knew – the rest I didn’t. (I was paranoid about my car upon returning home). Read on and don’t try to interpret any dreams you may have as I did, as I was totally wrong.

The morning after I returned home (17th morning after I started listening to it every night), I received a phone call out of the blue from a close family member who had put all our family out of their lives 11 years before. I was blown away and not thinking of the cd. They came and talked for 2.5 hours about everything and anything. I thought they were calling because they wanted money to be honest. They didn’t ask for anything and I didn’t ask if I was going to see them again.

Three days later, I received another phone call asking if they can come see me. I thought this time they’ll ask for money or something. They didn’t. In fact they bought both my grandchildren to see me whom I hadn’t seen for 11 years. To be honest it had really hurt and bothered me that I wasn’t a part of their lives.

After that we became very close again. About a month later another family member on their side (who we thought had caused the drift between us), said to me, “The best thing that happened was you coming back into the kids lives.” I asked “Why?” He replied, “All of a sudden out of the blue, they gave up drugs and went cold turkey and haven’t touched them since.”

Then I really started thinking about what I had done to bring about these changes in everyones lives. The only thing I had done was listen to this past life cd nightly. The car in the dream was only the vessel, the smashing it up with the bat was breaking down (clearing) our past lives.

Not that I would like to admit it, but I must have been their drug dealer and/or my grandchildrens drug dealer in a past life. By me clearing the past lives between us (unintentionally after 11 years), I obviously cleared theirs with me also, and it changed everyone’s lives.

I can honestly say now that my life is PERFECT in every way. I still put the cd on 2 – 3 nights a week as I don’t want any issues, karma, or unpleasantness in my life.

WHEN IS WANT TO SPEAK WITH MY DECEASED FATHER OR MY DAUGHTER, I put the Cd on when I know I won’t fall asleep and ask them to come and talk to me as I really need answers (or am just being sooky and need to know they are still with me). I only ask for one spirit to come at a time though. I see and speak with them as if they were still here.

I see and talk to them as if they were alive. Other times I talk to my own guides.

The beginning of the cd is “Meet Your Spirit Guides”.

I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results I have, but have had many clients tell me how miraculous it is and has changed their own lives.