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I have conducted many courses very successfully and we have all had tons of fun!!!


–   Explore the depths of your own spirituality?

–   Learn to converse with your own Spirit Guides?

–   See and release your own past lives?

–   Learn various healing techniques?

–   Change your life for the better and have more of a positive outlook?

–   Grow spiritually?

–   Discover the meanings and healing power of crystals & gemstones and how to use them?

–   Find out how you can have a closer relationship with God?



Course details:-

Protection: Protect yourself from unwanted influences.

Spirit Guides:  Awaken your psychic powers and meet your own spirit guides.   Learn how to work with them.

Psychometry: Jewellery reading.

Meditation: Add se-stressing and calming meditation to your life.

Healing:  Feeling the universal energy within us using simple techniques.

Past Lives:  Learn how to unlock your past lives and release them.

Chakras:  Your body’s energy centres and their meanings.

Mirror Work:  How to complete your karma without living through it.

Aura:  How to see aura’s easily.

Affirmations:  The power of positive thinking. Change your life by saying affirmations daily.

Pendulum Power:  Using a pendulum knowing you can trust answers you receive.

Tea Cup Reading:  Learn how to read tea cups.

Notes included in workshop cost. FREE Pendulum!

All participants receive a Certificate.

Date:  Saturday & Sunday 30th & 31st July 2016 (contact Divina for bookings


Time:                               10.00am to 3.30pm both days

Course duration:              2 days

Cost:                               $320

Bookings are essential and full payment to be paid in cash at least one week prior to course commencement.

Bring:- Notebook, biro, 3 pieces jewellery or something personal, mirror (make-up mirror size), and cushion or rug, water, share lunch both days.

Please bring jewellery along in a brown paper bag and do not let others see them.

NOTE:  PLEASE DO NOT PAY COURSE FEES ON THIS SITE. Please contact me for booking form.

Email: admin@mysticangels.com.au    Phone: 07 32851479 or 0401028165