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This set is very unusual and absolutely gorgeous on both men and women and teens.

Chain is 6 mm silver ball bead chain

Measures:- 57 cm (22″)

Bracelet is 5mm silver ball chain

Due to lighting colours may be slightly different to those shown

Also available in purple and silverball chains (not set) 4mm 41 cm

Available also individually in 22″ 6 mm ball silver chain

4 mm Blue Product No- CHS015

4 mm Purple Product No:- CHS016

Silver Ball Chain 4 mm: 46 cm  – Product No – CHS017 (individual or wholesale bulk buy)

Silver Ball Chain 6 mm: 22″ – Product No  CHS018 ((individual or wholesale bulk buy)

Also available individually in 5 mm ball chain silver bracelet  Product No:- BR155