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This book is new and not been read, but has been sitting around and has age marks on the inside cover, hence the price.
Part Description on back cover:-

“Stuart Wilde’s books breathe magic, mystery, adventure, and mysticism into a cohesive wholeness. The understanding of which are absolutely necessary for the further evolution of our planet. I admire his work and recommend it highly.” Dr. Deepak Chopra: Quantum Healing – Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.

Whispering Winds Of Change, the latest book from “The Wilde Man” will appeal to lovers of alternative ideas and philosophies. Stuart Wilde challenges us to stand outside the usual paeadigms of consciousness as “fringe dwellers.” He asks us to observe the dying throes of what he calls the “world ego” – the embodiment of the manipulative and dominating force of the status quo.