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Its special design will make you look unique.

It is a good gift for your lover, family,friend and coworkers

Beautiful and attractive and elegant

Top luster, dazzling!

Good for going party or formal

Material:Silver Plated

Size: 30 MM*14 MM


Mainstone: red color & white crystal

Zircon Healing Benefits
Often confused with cubic zirconia, Zircon is a gemstone in its own right, and has been revered as a protective stone for centuries.
Zircon enables its wearer to experience life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and joy and share that joy with others. It can bring solace and peace after traumatic experiences and increase vitality after physical exertion. Zircon can help one to move on after a broken relationship, increasing your charisma when finding new love.

Use Zircon to protect yourself from thievery and liars. Place one in your home to find lost items, pets or even people. At work, Zircon can aid in increasing your odds at landing that job or applying for that loan.

Physically, Zircon helps with muscle and bone disorders; relieves insomnia, allergies and vertigo; heals infections and viruses, and balances the pineal gland.

Caution: People who suffer from Epilepsy or that wear a pacemaker should not wear Zircon for long periods of time, as it may cause dizziness.

What’s gold filled jewellery?

Gold filled is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. Gold filled jewellery is not the same as gold plated jewellery.It is tarnish-resistant like solid gold and is safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid gold jewellery. Sure, Gold filled is much more gold content. But please be aware it is not” solid gold”.

Nickel free – Gold Filled/Gold Layered Jewellery (the highest Safety Standard & environmental protection standard).
Hard gold filled technology – is not easy to tarnish if you take care of them. You can use this jewellery for a long time.

This information is to be used for reference purposes only and does not constitute advice.