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ASEA is helpful for almost any health problem that we may have. We already have molecules in our body. ASEA is adding more molecules to our bodies, which has the effect of improving our health. I have found it also gives me a lot more energy and I am sleeping much better now.


“Six years ago totally out of the blue, my sister started to just drop with no warning.

She was working full time and this was also happening at work. They even had to call an ambulance on a couple of occasions. It got worse and she cut back to part time. Four and a half years ago, it had become so bad she had to give up work totally.

During all this time she had visited many doctors, specialists and had heaps of different tests done. The last specialist (a Neurosurgeon) also said there’s absolutely nothing he can do to help her, as he has never seen or heard anything like it before. He also said he would ask all his friends. About a week later the neurosurgeon phoned my sister’s doctor and told her he had asked all his friends, including top neurosurgeons, and no one has heard of it. He’s sorry there’s nothing more he can do, as she has had so many tests and seen all specialists who may have been able to diagnose her health problem, she will just have to live with it the rest of her life. By this time my sisters condition had considerably worsened – she was dropping right down to the ground 9 times within a 5 minute period. Everyone was very worried about her. Had she fallen backwards and hit her head on the tiles, she could have smashed her head or knocked herself out and no one would have known until her husband found her when he got home from work early evening. My sister could have died.

A couple of days after the Neurosurgeon phoned my sisters GP, a lady who had been talking to my son, happened to mention her Mum’s health and how she was bedridden and after taking ASEA for 12 months, her Mum is now up and walking around (she was in a wheelchair before she became bedridden with many health problems). My son told the lady she should call me and tell me about it.

A couple of days later I received a call from the lady and thought to myself that it must be meant to be. I had a good feeling that this could help my sister. I mentioned it to her, and she said she just cannot afford it with only one income coming into the house now.

I told her I wanted to go on it myself, but she needed it far more than I do. I told her as I feel it will help her, I’ll pay for it for 4 months, by which time she will know if it is working for her, and if she is better, she can get a job and take over paying for it herself. I had a feeling she would be okay and able to work again in this time. I was told it does take up to 3 months before you start to see results.

I ordered it for her, and a month after she started taking it she told me she doesn’t think it’s working. Second month same thing. Third month, she called me and told me she didn’t think it was working as she had become so used to living like that, however her husband told her he has noticed she is not dropping as much. So she started taking more notice. Our Mum had also noticed this.

Three and a half months after she started taking ASEA she called me to tell me she had received a phone call from a lady she used to work with who is managing a new store that is going to open and she offered my sister a job. She felt well enough to accept the offer and is now working again and not dropping to the ground, and feels great and has totally turned her life around. Now she can also go out and have a normal life. In the opinion of all our family, her husband and many friends, ASEA may have saved my sisters life. Who knows what could have happened if it weren’t for that one phone call. As there is medical evidence to prove no one in the medical profession could help her, and this call coming only a couple of days later, I honestly believe my Dad in spirit arranged this chain of events to help my sister.”



“My grandson was suffering very bad from eczema all over his body. His parents and myself had tried many different creams, soaps and lotions etc to no avail, including all the creams etc prescribed by his doctor. It was suggested to me to try him on the RENU 28 gel. Within days it was totally cleared up and not a sign of the eczema anywhere on his body. Whenever he gets a sore or cut now he puts the RENU 28 gel on 3 times within 5 minutes a few times a day and it is totally healed and no sign where it was within a few days.”



“My daughter in law was suffering with very bad acne for years. Upon using the RENU 28 gel, 3 times in 5 minutes, after a few days it was totally gone and she had lovely clear skin.

My daughter in law’s father was in hospital with a bad heart condition and very high blood pressure. She got him ASEA. After a week his doctor could not believe it, as his blood pressure was normal after being high for a very long time. He is now taking ASEA daily and feeling much better. It is being delivered to him directly in the Philippines.”


I am now taking ASEA and also have clients who have family drinking the ASEA liquid or using RENU 28 GEL for different ailments such as dementia, brain and pituitary gland tumours, high blood pressure, eczema, and emphysema.

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