Hi Divina,
I just want to say thank you for an amazing reading.   Your strength, wisdom and guidance have given me a lot to think about.   Your CD is helping me through this incredibly difficult time.   I find that each time I see you life has and does have a way of mapping out as per your predications.Thank you once again
Rebecca  August, 2016

Hi Divina, just received my beautiful bracelet and very happy with the product and your response to the order. I’m sure we will be doing business again going forward – very spiritual connection. Regards Glenda

Had a reading with this lovely lady she was fabulous would recommend her to anyone that would like a reading thank you so much for mine.

Jacinta Perry

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Thank you Davina for a great 1 hour phone read, a great way to stay the year! You have given me some important job and relationship advice of which I can and will make changes right away to make sure that things stay on a positive pathway. Very exciting. I took plenty of note and I look forward to refiring back to these through the year, I will keep you posted. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Cheers Lisa

Posted 17/01/2016 by Lisa Evans

 I found Divina while searching web for a different psychic. On Oct 24, 2012 I had a 40 minute reading with her. I was tired of the sales job I had. She said good news coming January 2013. I received positive signals to 2 jobs that were not strictly sales. Divina said my next occupation would not be sales, exactly — it would have to do with money and that it would be a good thing. Well the 2 jobs that I mention here were 1)collections agent, and 2) merchant cash advances “financial consultant.”
Both have everything to do with money. Divina said I would like what I did and that money would start coming in February 2013. I took the merchant cash advance job in early February. It is a small company. The people I work with are wonderful. And I am getting business owners to accept my cash advances, so am earning bonuses starting last month–March. So, though I am not getting rich, this has panned out, and I like it enough, and I am able to pay my rent and other things — just as Divina said it would go. Divina also said more money will come in April–now this month, and a woman I like ought to come into my life in April or May. I am looking forward to all of this.
Date Added: 10/02/2015 by Stephen Robinson

I have had many readings over the years, and I have to say that Divina’s reading was one of the most genuine that I have had. Two days after we spoke, one of her predictions came true, which was so surprising because of its uncanniness, but also reassured me of her gift. Thank you Divina.
Date Added: 08/25/2015 by P. C.

exellent reading a lot of information that was insightful and relevant to a lot in my life and a family member had one done which was done months apart and we have different names and live interstate the readings were correct and tied in exactly with events and timings highly recommended thankyou so much
Date Added: 07/26/2011 by julianne taylor

I have just had another phone reading with Divina and have to say i am Very happy with what she has told me ;). She answered questions i wanted to ask before i could ask them. I will continue to have readings done as she has been spot on Thank you so much Divina.
Date Added: 02/09/2015 by Stacey Edwards

Divina was quite accurate in telling me that I needed to be wary of someone I worked with that had dark hair with red streaks. At the time I thought she was way off the mark, but her prediction turned out to be quite accurate. I was disappointed with the behaviour of this person and as a result did not keep my current role. She also said she saw me doing a course and again spot on, I’m currently doing one. She is terrific!
Date Added: 10/31/2015 by Ingrid Ryan

I had a half hour phone reading with Divina and found she was very accurate with the things she told me it was fantastic.I have seen a few different psychics over the years and have found Divina to be the best by far.
Date Added: 05/30/2015 by Paul Conyngham

Over the years I have contacted many psychics, and one or two have been quite good. However Divina is extraordinary and is genuinely gifted. She has her own unique method and does not ask any questions or for details. She picks up on details and events, such as a planned holiday, or an ill neighbour, as well as more personal details without any provocation. This is the third time that I have called her, and many things that she has mentioned previously have come to pass. She is compassionate and caring in her delivery, and I have no hesitation in recommending her and am enormously grateful for her gift.
Date Added: 05/04/2014 by Blanche Furie

All I can say is THANKYOU I have been searching for someone that I could talk to via phone and really believe, for this first time in ages and many other tries in finding a psychic I truly believe this is the real deal. Picked up on so so much in my life was the excact thing I needed. Time frames, predictions that all made sense.. I was a first time caller tonight but it definately won’t be the last. To all considering a reading please give this ago I know u wont be disappointed and I have been through a lot of fakes to feel this lady is amazing, I might of not heard what I truly wanted to hear but I believe what was said was real… So again a big THANK YOU for tonight xx
Date Added: 10/13/2014 by Kellie Singleton

Last week I had a phone reading with Davina. I am Clairvoyant myself and occasionally get a reading to confirm I am reading correctly for my own predictions as sometimes when reading for ones-self emotion can interfere. Davina straight away confirmed a lot of what I had been thinking in regards to a person/situation. She was professional and friendly rolled into one. Thanks P J
Date Added: 09/03/2014 by Patricia Kuskopf-Dallas

I have had many readings over the years, and I have to say that Divina’s reading was one of the most genuine that I have had. Two days after we spoke, one of her predictions came true, which was so surprising because of its uncanniness, but also reassured me of her gift. Thank you Divina.
I had a reading last year I couldn’t be leave how accurate it was. The day before my son asked for an ice-cream, I said, “no”, and he said , fluttering his eye lids, “Please, I like the narna.” He was meaning banana paddle pop. I said ok. Well I couldn’t be leave it when Divina said to me, “Who has been eating a lot of ice-cream lately?” Forgetting, I said, “no”. She laughed and said, “Did your Dad like ice-cream?” I said, “Yes” She then said, “What’s with the banana paddle pop?” I couldn’t be leave my ears I thought how could you know this. We live in a small town just out of Ballarat and she is in Brisbane.
So much more she said came true with in days. Just before she started she said, “Remind me to talk to you after the reading about these books.” My reading went on she asked me about my son who had a brain tumor. It was mainly around that. At the end she realized what the books were for – a remedy for his brain tumor to freeze the growth. It had to do with hot and cold water. I didn’t do it, as it was winter. But a few weeks later my son was in the shower wanting to just have the cold water run over him. I said, “No, you will freeze.” It winter. He then had a container in the shower full of cold water and stuck his head in it. I thought how could you know this. I hadn’t said a word to him as he was 5 at the time. He was having chemo once a month for 12 months. It finished in October. He had an MRI, and the tumor was the same size as it was when they started chemo. In November he had an eye test and it came back that his sight has got worse. Already being blind in the right side of each, I was worried that he was going to lose his sight – that was a big chance it was going to happen. So I called Divina and made a booking. In December he went to see the oncologist. He said he has to have another eye test in a month as he was worried that it was worse.
On January 22 I had my reading with Divina. Once again she was fantastic not saying a word to her about Lachlon’s sight or tumor. She said to think of things I want answered so I did. They were: when I’m I going to sell my business, Lachlon’s sight, and us getting a new house. She first spoke about the shop. She told me a lady agent would sell it for me (then I said, “How will I know?” She told me I would just know) Then she described her. Well looking on the internet 2 weeks later at one, I found this one kept jumping in front of me. Getting annoyed, as I was looking for a Ballarat one, I looked at it and it said AJW Business Brokers email Angela. I thought ok Angela – angel. Maybe. Well when I met her a week later, she was just as Divina described. I couldn’t believe it). Then Divina said, “Who has sore eye?” She said, “I’m getting a really bad pain in my left eye.” I then said, “My son” She said, “He must be in pain.”
After the reading she said I will call in the spiritual surgeons so she went through it with me so I could also do it. Then about a week later, Divina rang me and said, “how are you going with spiritual surgery?” I said I haven’t been able to concentrate to do it, I don’t know what’s going on with me. She said, “You’re probably worried about the tests coming up.” She said, “I was asked to do it today. That would explain it.” Well we went on the 29th January and had his eyes tested there was no change in his sight. So I was relieved that they didn’t worsen. Then on 13th February he had a MRI, and on the 17th we got the best news. His tumor had gone all but what they call scar tissue. The Doctor said, “This is great news”, he told my son who had a grin from ear to ear. I was speechless. I knew straight away that Divina had helped do this, as things weren’t working before, and it was 4 months since his last treatment. I owe my sons life to This wonderful lady who I can’t thank enough. My son has a crystal in his pillow case, one he wears around his neck, some above his bed and a medical bracelet. He knows they work for him, and I haven’t told him a thing. Our wonderful angels are caring for us, with Divina’s help. I highly recommend anyone that has a medical problem, don’t doubt this talented lady. I didn’t and I have my son to show for it. .
Thanks for everything Divina. Dianne
Post by Dianne Blake 26/03/2009